High Performance Anti-Spam

It should offers world-leading third party anti-spam plug-ins that provide relevant, continuous and real-time spam detection that is dynamically adjusted against new spam identification and circumvention techniques.

Anti-spam should reduces threat incidence in the form of phishing attempts, spyware and adware installations, promotes a safe workplace by controlling porn spam, in addition to enhancing enterprise productivity by protecting mail systems from spam.

It is compatible with all major mail systems, with black and white lists, text identification of spam and regular and frequent updates.

Advanced Spam Filtering

A future-proof solution, anti-spam offers advanced protection against the constantly evolving tactics of spammers. Anti-spam’s advanced heuristics monitor suspicious email traffic to determine spam probability based on weighted and contextually evaluated characteristics, studying the body of the message for words and word patterns typical to spam. Mail filtering is based on policies and rules set by mail size, attachment type, attachment names and keywords too.

Creation of approved sender lists both at the gateway and the mail server help administrators improve the accuracy and effectiveness of spam filtering over time and provide more customized filtering to each user.

Real-time Spam Detection

Anti-spam offers maximum spam detection with low false positives through relevant, continuous and real-time spam detection that is dynamically adjusted against new spam identification and circumvention techniques. Suspicious gray mail messages can be routed to mail server-side folders for end-user review.

High Flexibility

Policy-based configuration offers great flexibility, allowing administrators to easily assign variable catch sensitivities based on spam category and user groups, despite the complexity of the heuristics rules.

Flexible filter actions with options to delete, quarantine, tag or more enhance the flexibility, reflecting individual interpretation, tolerance levels and expected disposal options. Filter actions can be assigned based on spam likelihood and rate of accuracy.

Apart from the solution’s own black lists, the administrator has the flexibility to create its own black and white lists for accepting or rejecting a message as spam.

High Scalability

Designed to process and analyze large messaging volumes at high throughput rates to meet the needs of global enterprises, the anti-spam solution offers high scalability.

Centralized Management

Ease of installation, ease in

defining and managing policies are some of anti-spam’s centralized management’s benefits. Blended analysis and reports with relevant spam statistics such as spam volume, volume by category, accuracy and effectiveness, comprehensive reporting and auditing offer another layer of intelligence in threat management, enabling refinement of rule sensitivity and disposal options.

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